Bulk Adding Students

Hi all,

Is there a way to add students in bulk to the organization for your GitHub Classroom? Perhaps uploading a CSV or something?


Do you still need to do this? So far all I have had to do is have them click on the link, which fires off the import on their end.

I would like this also. For me the main problem with providing a link (which is great) is that I have no way of associating a student’s github id with their actual name. if their id was something like jane.doe thats easy thing… however, if its supercoder95 I don’t know who that is on my roster and makes it hard to assign a grade.

In any case, I actually did write a number of bash scripts to help me create private repos for my students. You are welcome to use them (will need to be altered them to handle csv’s but should not be hard to to change it). They are a bit hobbled together as I am not that good with writing bash scripts and the documenation is limited. If you have any suggestions on improving them, please let me know!

Hope this will help you

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Where can I get the link to send them?

Hi, You need to create a classroon, there you can create an assignment and you can give the links to students.

for more details, check this video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTsfBAV7sOo

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I’ve written a few Python scripts for bulk adding users to an organisation and assigning them to teams. Take a look at https://github.com/bertvv/github-org-mgmt/.

But if you share your classroom link with your students, adding them to the organisation yourself is not necessary.

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The old tool that existed before the Github Classroom interface could do this sort of thing : https://github.com/education/teachers_pet

It still worked the last time I tried.