BUG with adding IDE button and assignment updating

There’s a bug with adding a supported editor button to student assignments and updating the assignment after students have accepted it. Each time the assignment is updated, a new button is added to student READMEs. This results in multiple buttons appearing on the README.

I assume the same issue will happen if MakeCode is choosen as the editor, but I haven’t tried it.

Also, I can’t get the link generated for the VS Code button to work (https://classroom.github.com/online_ide?assignment_repo_id=XXX...). It doesn’t open the repo in VS Code. When I use https://open.vscode.dev/ the repository opens correctly.


Same for me, I’d recommend students to use repo URL instead, for now, untill this issue will be fixed.

This should be fixed now. Please let us know if you continue to see the issue.

@divais Still getting the same issue; updating the assignment causes a new button to be added to the README.

We are looking into the multiple buttons in readme, however the link generated for the VS Code button does open the assignment repo.

Can you please confirm if that’s still an issue at your end.

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@divais The link still doesn’t work. It will open VS Code, but it won’t open the repo inside VS Code.


^ Clicking ‘Open’ doesn’t open anything.

Thanks folks! The multiple READMEs bug should be fixed now :grinning: :sparkles:

We are looking into why the link isn’t opening to your specific assignment and will report back when we have more info to share

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@acrokat Can confirm. Buttons aren’t being re-added.

Might be related to the duplicate readme problem, but this is something I’ve noticed more recently than 10 days ago when the last post was updated.

I’ve noticed that if I’m working on a source repo with a readme.md file (lowercase) and then use that as a template with VSCode enabled the button is added to a README.md (uppercase) file in the students’ repos. If I name the file README.md instead the button is added to that file and no duplicate is created.

Thanks for the heads up on this! Looking into it on our end

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