Bug? Invite from first administrator

Noticed that if you have multiple administrators for your GitHub classroom, the administrators are listed alphabetically by github username on https://classroom.github.com/classrooms/xxxx-class/settings/invitations

When a student creates a new private repository, they get an invitation from the first administrator to collaborate on the repository. This can be confusing for the students when multiple TAs are listed, some of which they would not know, are listed as administrators.

I’d consider this a bug. There should either be a single “owner” or all the administrators should be listed on the invite.

The temporary workaround is to remove all other administrators. What is the best way to get this simple issue fixed?



The student clicks on the invitation link and GitHub automatically seeks for one administrator credentials to proceed with the required steps: grant access, fork the repo and so on. GitHub, of course, does not know whether there is one particular administrator to look for.

To get what you’re asking done, it would be needed to extend the form of the assignment with one more info specifying the GitHub username of the administrator that should be used within the notification.

Not really a useful feature in my view :wink:

It should be sufficient to assure the students to click on the link you’ll make circulate using whatever means you have in mind: emails, GitHub issues, Google Classroom, other content management systems, forums and the like.

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