Better Classroom, Assignment organization model

More of a suggestion than a question.

I think their could be some work done to organize how we organize the Classroom that would really improve productivity. Currently the organizational model starts at the top like this:

  1. Classroom
  2. Assignment
  3. Students’ work

Unfortunately, for most educators, this does not match the organizational model they work in, which will be something along the lines of:

  1. School
  2. Class
  3. Assignment
  4. Students’ work

It’s only been a month since the beginning of the semester and my classroom view is becoming overly messy with every classes assignments sloshed together in one list, including prefixes I had hoped would help keep things organized by lacking any filtering or ordering options just seem to add to the noise.

I would very much appreciate the option to add in the extra level of organization such that assignments and material can be more easily processed. Further, if we could more strongly associate student accounts with our assignments, it would be pretty easy to create a ‘gradesheet’ style chart to give some info on the state of students repos by assignment. Having access on this level would make it very easy to see whose repos were still empty, for instance, or to easily move between various works of a single student.

Thus far I really appreciate all Github has done for our classroom, I just think it could be even better!

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These are great suggestions! Because Classroom is open source, would you mind opening an issue on the GitHub Classroom repo linking to the details in this post:

I agree it is really unrealistic to have an “assignment” correlate to starter repo. If we had done that there would be over 2000 repo imports just for our small school of about 100 students. When we go national that could become 10s of thousands.

Several others—including universities with 1000s of students—have also suggested using the “assignment” as an entire course for the year. I have found the textbook and workbook model works really well with repos for each and only the workbook starter repo.

I don’t know that there is much to be done about this in the Classroom project itself, perhaps a name change for the concept of “assignment” but I can’t imagine another name that would be any better to convey the different things a starter repo represents.