BETT 2017: Who's going? Workshop signups available

Hey folks :wave:

If you’re attending BETT, we’ll be there all week on our booth at D479. Drop by and say hello, would be great to meet some of you in person! :octopus::cat2:

In addition to attending, we’re running regular workshops on our booth. We’ll be running both introductions to Git/GitHub, as well as workshops on ‘GitHub in the Classroom’. If you’ve got questions about Git, GitHub or GitHub Classroom, you can come get hands on help and walkthroughs.

You’re free to turn up on the day and join a session, or you can prebook a place on a workshop here: :sparkles: :sparkles:

We’ll be provided iMacs for the workshops, so no need to bring a machine! Workshops are each 20 minutes long.

And of course, we’ll have the usual vast amount of stickers :sweat_smile:

See you soon, enjoy BETT if you’re going!

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This was for the 2017 event–will you be attending 2018 @WhiteSymmetry?