Best sources to learn solidity?

HI, has anybody know the best free accesses to the Solidity course and would share?

I see no one is sharing, and apparently, there’s lack of supply for free solidity courses.
I know one on youtube called ‘What’s solidity’, guy represents his footage quite informative, but eventually it can get hard to follow the steps while watching video. would be another option, I already took their spacedoggos course so I can share my thoughts. It’s intuitive and interacts you, so don’t want to stop as every step is achievement tracking. You are self-educating meanwhile getting rewards like playing a game. is the least experience I took in this action. They give you a proper free manual on solidity course, but if you want more features you have to buy.

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I also took that Spacedoggos course on Bitdegree and are adding my recommendations :slight_smile: It’s nice that you get this whole gamified experience because it facilitates learning so much. Unless someone is more into serious interface and exercises, then this might be not the best option to take. But apart of that the course is very informative and comprehensive.

Crypto Zombies is a really good series for learning Solidity: