Best resources to learn Python quickly

I have no background in IT and have no knowledge of any programming language as of now.
I want to learn Python.
There are so many teachers on Youtube, there are many sites where courses are available and several books. It is getting a bit tiring for me and I am confused.
Could you please help me with the best resource to learn Python from?


I normally make mentees to do django girls tutorial. But during this process I also make it more complicated, introducing real work related tools and processes.

It’s normally not that hard to learn average programming language yourself. It is more important to learn architecture patterns, computer science concepts, tools and other things, which would make you think like an engineer in the end.

Regarding python as a language first go for, then look for best practices and tooling/environment/dev setup.

I’m also assuming that you’ll benefit from CS50/CS101.


I recommend the Green Tea Press How to Think Like a Computer Scientist series for its brevity, clarity. Here is the python flavor:

…and codecademy for its bite-sized, incremental progression and engaging feedback:

…and for straightforward trials / mini assignments to test yourself with.

even though it says it’s hard it’s not… it’s clear and very thorough.