Beginners in cyber security

hello friends i am kuldeep shukla from india but now i’m in ireland as a international student in computing . I like cyber security and ethical hacking in past since 2017 im active on GitHub and always trying to found something intresting source code no i want creat my own thats why i enroll my self on github student community.

i hope we will work togather and develop someting intresting.


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Hello ayushgarg0101,

cyber security is a good field. before you build you need to learn a lot of things about cyber security.

we can find 5 types of cyber security

  1. Critical infrastructure cyber security
  2. Network security
  3. Cloud security
  4. IoT (Internet of Things) security
  5. Application security

Cyber security checklist

Boost your cyber defenses with these must-have security measures:

  1. Staff awareness training
  2. Application security
  3. Network security
  4. Leadership commitment
  5. Password management

when we look at Github we can learn a lot of things. if you are enthused in cyber security explore the GitHub repository.
you can learn a lot of learning materials, certificate links/some exam links, learning resources.
I think other members have also replied to this post you can get more information to improve your career. :upside_down_face:

Thanx for your reply brother I hope all of people help me to understand properly .