AWS in the Classroom Webinar: Video and Follow Up

Prepare your students for industry with resources and support from AWS Educate. Find out how the program works, how to use credits and which tools are recommended for your use case.

About the guest: Shanika Hope, PhD

Content Strategist and Research Lead for AWS Educate, Shanika is a former elementary school teacher, principal and high school turnaround specialist and possesses over 20 years of experience in education. She has managed and/or supported more than three-dozen DC public schools and public charter schools in various capacities. Prior to joining Amazon, Shanika’s previous roles include serving as a curriculum Vice President at McGraw Hill Education; Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction at Discovery Education; Assistant Superintendent of Instruction with DC Public Schools.

Video Links:

AWS and Autism Solution

University of Pennsylvania and AWS Educate


Is there any free slot for this session? Thanks

Try it now–just raised the limit :slight_smile:

Any other sessions, besides June 5? Thanks

Looking forward for the event.
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