AWS Educate and Digital Ocean Link not working

Hello everybody, My name is John. I have been trying to “request a unique link” to get an access code for AWS Educate from my student pack but it is not working. I keep getting the message, “The offer isn’t available right now, Please try again later.”
Anyone know what I can do.
Here is the link,:


I have the exact problem as you

yeah same problem, anyone have any solution?

I have the same problem for Amazon and DigitalOcean.
I created a ticket reporting weeks ago but have had no response so far

:wave: Hi Folks,

We are currently working with our partners, AWS Educate and Digital Ocean, to address this issue. Please check back at a later date to obtain the benefit.


Hello, may I ask when will I obtain my AWS code?

having same issue

I have the same problem. @ericdrosado can you tell us please when this issue will be fixed ? :slight_smile:

Hi folks! The Digital Ocean link should be working at this time.

AWS link still seems to be down :frowning: , getting the same error.

can you please tell us when this problem get resolved we need access thank you

Still facing in AWS account. isn’t fixed yet?

@ericdrosado do you know when the problem with AWS Educate link error will be fixed? :slight_smile:

What about aws. is it back

:wave: Hi Folks,

We are still working with AWS Educate. Unfortunately we do not have an estimated time to share regarding when the benefit will be available in the Pack.

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@ericdrosado when will AWS Educate link be fixed?

can’t we not use aws now?

Hi Eric. I get the error saying my code has expired when I try to apply on digital ocean. What is the reason behind this?

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