AWS Educate access from github student developer pack

1)Is there access to AWS Educate from developer pack is it deleted now ?
2) Can we earn certificates for completing courses in AWS Educate?

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Hi @amitkrishna :wave:
Thanks for reaching out about this! Unfortunately, AWS educate is not in the GitHub Student Developer Pack anymore but you can still apply directly on their website to get access to the benefits.


@juanpflores I would suggest removing the AWS icon/logo from this page.

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@amitkrishna Alternatively, there is an Azure Student Developer Pack.

In fact, courses have always been such an idea. Very few high-quality ones actually. The best thing is self-education, to be honest. For example, I never really studied at the university, but studied with a private teacher. And he wrote any material for his studies himself. For example, I used to see how the work should look like and what it is about. So I strongly advise you to look at such resources first of all for education.

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