Avatar Issues

(Scott Sanicki) #1

Hi everyone! If you are experiencing avatar issues please log out then back in again. The Education Community should display your GitHub.com avatar. If it does not then please let us know.

(Rob Muhlestein) #2

Sorry still no luck for me. Cleared cache. Tried with Incognito, etc.

(Scott Sanicki) #3

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll continue to investigate and let you know when we have the problem licked.

(John Britton) #4

I’m looking into this. I see that the avatar URLs are correctly set in the user profiles but for a small number of people the avatar is not displaying.

Raised the issue with the Discourse team:


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(John Britton) #5

@robmuh Can you log out and log back in again? We’ve enabled additional logging so that we can check what’s going on behind the scenes.

(Rob Muhlestein) #6

Ok, several login and outs with different variations including clearing browser cache and doing the same from another account (@youraccount). The other account picked up the avatar correctly so I don’t believe it is related to any Chrome extension I might have, but could be.

(John Britton) #7

This is confirmed to be a bug in Discourse and should be fixed. You can find the relevant pull request here:

@robmuh I expect that logging out and back in again will fix the issue.

(Rob Muhlestein) #8

Sorry still no luck. Tried from a machine that had never had me login.

(Sam) #9

@robmuh we deployed some fixes here, can you try logging out and logging in.

we have some additional debugging enabled here to troubleshoot.

(Rob Muhlestein) #10

Ok, tried logging out in several different ways including GitHub as well as community and did the same from an Incognito window as well (with nothing cached).

(Sam) #11

OK, I have this sorted

Will deploy the fix here shortly, but backfilled a correction for the time being

(Rob Muhlestein) #12

Yep, that looks like it did it.