Automatic forming of groups

I’ve just created my first Assignment in GitHub Classroom, and it’s looking good so far. There was just one thing I’d like to ask about this. Any chance there’s a way to automatically define the groups? I was allowed to (i) “Name the set of teams”, and (ii) define number of groups and students per group. That seemed promising. But I was hoping that this would also already create me the groups (using the team name as prefix). I wasn’t a fan of the idea that students can go ahead and specify any random name for their group when they create a group. Ideally, I wanted to define all group names and they allocate themselves to one of those groups. This makes it tidier (on my side) when I look at the list of group names (i.e. “Group 01”, Group 02, etc… and NOT “gr-one”, “group 2”, “Group Three” etc).

Is this possible? If not, would definitely be a nice future feature.

As I wasn’t sure if it was possible, I “hacked it” by forming the groups myself manually (using my “student account”)… I would invite myself, form a new group, name it according to my naming convention, then remove myself from the organization, and repeat. This was worth it as I didn’t have many groups. But in other courses I won’t be lucky when there’s many more groups to be made.


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Hoi @nasuoa,

This isn’t possible at the moment, but we something we’re hoping to do in the future! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Awesome! That would be great to have, will really simplify creation of groups!

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