Automatic assignment of Issues to student(s) on repo

I use the “Issues” tab to give my students feedback when grading their assignments. In other words, I file one or more Issues per repo when grading. They can check that feedback/Issue(s) whenever they want and reply on the Issue thread, etc. It keeps each student feedback localized per repo (usually per students, though could be a few if a group), and keeps a nice history of communication/timestamps on it. In some cases, I give more points if they fix and close the issues.

Anyway, I always create the Issue thinking they’ll get a notification of some sort, but I’ve learned that I have to manually assign the Issue to them, even though in a vast majority of the cases I do this, me and one other student are the only members on the repo, and I created the Issue for them. I understand how Issues (bug tracking) works in general as I’ve developed for decades, so I get it that you should normally have to assign the ticket to someone anyway, and that the Issue tab is not just for GitHub Education… However, in these cases (GitHub Education), I was hoping that I could quickly file an Issue/feedback and the student be assigned that Issue without me having to go through the extra steps, as (1) I always forget to do that, and (2) it seems like it should be obvious given the circumstances (a generated student assignment repo where organizer has created an Issue).

I don’t think there’s already a checkbox for this, so perhaps I am asking for… a feature request, or a few commands to run in a script on all assignment repos, or if anyone does something similar and has a good solution? I guess if I ran a script on all repos that assigned Issues per repo to everyone on that repo (except me), that would work… If anyone has that script, I would really appreciate it :slight_smile: