Autograding, Repl and Reviews broken

Hey, I’ve just been approved for this beta, and while I’m not a teacher myself, I’d love to get my Teacher in on this amazing tool.
Creating the Repo works fine, but unfortunately, none of the other features seem to work.
Autograding just reports “No tests have been run” I can open the Editor, but I have not found out how a student would (I guess is the URL this is supposed to be at, but as a Student, nothing is visible there) I also always get the “Grant access” popup, but I have granted access. The Review PR doesn’t show up for me either, clicking the “Review” button just leads to a 404. I’ve seen some others report Repl/Autograding/Review PR failing, I’m guessing the system is just sort of unstable right now.
May I have to apply for Repl beta and that’s causing these issues?

Hi @HurricanKai,

After following the invitation URL for an assignment, a repository will be created for the student. That is the student interface, students don’t interact directly with If you’ve enabled an Online IDE, your students should see a button at the top of the README that will link to the online IDE.

As for the 404’d review button, we’re working on fixing that up now! Should be fixed very soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

Any information on the autograding not running? I get the “no tests have been run” issue in my assignments, too, and without any other information, I can’t even begin to troubleshoot why.