Autograding for Python/Jupyter/Excel using GitHub Classroom/Blackboard/Otter Grader Docker

I’ve seen that quite a few other people teaching programming/analytics have been discussing different autograding solutions. This is my effort to create something that is relatively easy to use and can flexibly grade Excel or Python (especially Jupyter) assignments collected via Github Classroom.


Overview Video:

Build on Otter Grader:

Welcome other contributors/users!

Thanks @jkuruzovich, this looks quite useful. Not sure we’ll be able to get to testing things for this coming semester, but hopefully we can test a bit this fall. We introduce students to Python coding using JupyterLab, and have created exercises that are partly autograded using nbgrader. Unfortunately, it seems nbgrader still uses the older Jupyter Notebook platform, and there are some differences that occasionally cause the notebooks to behave differently. It seems Otter Grader and your GH Classroom tools could be quite helpful!

Edit: In case you’re curious, the course I’m referring to is our Geo-Python course.