Autograding delayed on student repositories

I’m using the autograding feature for the first time on my student repositories. The first few assignments were accepted and everything seemed fine, but as more students accepted the assignment I found that the autograding workflow aren’t always created immediately.

When I ‘edit’ the assignment (I make no changes but click “Update Assignment” anyway) then the missing workflows get added, but in many cases students have already started working and their pushes get rejected. This is quite confusing for them as many of them are new users to GitHub.

Is this happening to anyone else? I’d be happy to provide screenshots, etc, but I can’t seem to figure out where to report a bug, so I’m starting here.



Seeing the same behaviour here. The workflow only gets added if I “update” the assignment, even without changing anything, although everything worked in previous repos. As that forces the students to pull/merge the added changes, and they are very new to git this is not ideal.

Would also appreciate any pointers on how to fix this.

Hello @MrsSpindler,

Did some digging and found this post. Missing "Work in Repl" badge/button for some students
Tried it out, and it looks like if the students click on the “update” link on the assignment acceptance page before they start working on the repo it sets the tests up. If they started working they still need to pull (and possibly face merge conflicts).

Not ideal but hope it helps.

Thanks! I didn’t realize there was an ‘update’ option on the student assignment page. I’ll direct my last few students to this.

Hopefully the initial functionality will be restored soon! I do love the new features.