Autocomplete search for assignments - wacky behavior

Hi all, I’m not sure where to post feature requests/bug issues, so I would appreciate any information. I really like being able to use the search feature when looking for a particular student’s code in an assignment. However, the autocomplete functionality drives me crazy! It places the cursor back at the beginning - and sometimes does this as you’re typing so that the cursor ends up in the middle of the student name so you end up with nonsense. And then sometimes it gets so caught up that I end up having to refresh the page to properly search! I primarily use Chrome, so I haven’t tested this in another browser.

I can confirm the same behaviour in Safari. If you don’t type fast enough the text in the input box gets selected and the next characters you type overwrite it’s contents so you end up searching gibberish. It has been impossible to search for student repositories in GH classroom for quite some time now.

Workaround is to search for repositories in github organisation you are using for classroom, i.e. use github search but not GH classroom search. Downside is you have to remember github usernames of your students. A solution I’m using is to store github usernames of my students in a google sheet, so that I don’t need to rely solely on GH classroom for mapping student surnames with repositories. Unfortunately, GH classroom has proved to be too buggy to be used without a backup.