Autgrading swift repos

Has anyone worked on adding swift based autograding to their classroom? I am looking at adding it for my ios dev course.

I have, but didn’t use GitHub’s autograding feature. Our class’ development environment is using XCode. I used GitHub actions directly where I created unit tests on the XCode project. I setup a Mac machine for GitHub actions and used xcodebuild for running unit tests.

Unfortunately running actions on a Mac is costly and because of our class size and the number of labs + the number of times each student pushed to GitHub we quickly ran out of credits.

Now I’m running a script on Gradescope that runs on a version of Ubuntu. It still uses the unit tests from XCode, but copies several of the project files to get it to run on Linux. Some commands I used include xcode package xcode build and xcode test.

I haven’t tried running the script on GitHub actions, but I would think you can do the same as it also has Ubuntu images.

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