Assignment Visibility and online IDE

Hi all!

I have been setting up my GitHub classroom “properly” for the first time! Yay me! lol

What’s Good:
On all my assignments I use integration. It works beautifully. I also have automated testing (pytest) when the students push/commit, that is working well too.

My Problem:
I want to set the visibility of my assignment repositories to “Private”, to prevent students from accessing their classmate’s repositories, and possibly cheating. However, I have to set the visibility of my assignment repositories to “Public” so the students can load the repositories into their account.

What’s Wrong
I created and tested my assignments with a “dummy” student account I created. When I attempted to click the “work in” button from the assignment, Replit refused to load the private assignment repository. will only load private assignment repositories if the students pays for their “Hacker Plan”, which is $5/month or $50/year.

My Question
Is there any “work-around” that would allow my students to access private assignment repo’s via

Samples for you all to check out

Hi @RuizTheRuler,

Are you still having this issue? This is not the way it should be working – something doesn’t sound right.

Any assignment you make in GitHub Classroom (GHC) should allow the students to work on it for free in without upgrading to Hacker. This is one of the agreements between and GHC, and what allowed me to enforce its usage in my courses.

I was going to test it out, but the Assignment Invitation link you shared generates a 404 error so I assume you have deleted the GHC assignment since creating it.

I had a similar problem setting up my first assignment today. The Repl IDE wouldn’t let my students load the private assignment repository.

I did see this on the forum this evening and maybe it is related.

Hi @nasuoa :wave:

oops! I did delete that assignment. Let me get you a current link:

Thanks for responding and letting me know. It is kind of a hassle making students sign up for the hacker account to access their repo’s.

So I teach students in CS 1030, then CS 1400, and CS 1410. 3 semesters, and the “hacker” upgrade only lasts 6 months. anyways, rant over.

If you want to peek at that new assignment link, it’s my permanent link at this point.

Hi @RuizTheRuler,

I’ve just tried the assignment link you shared, and it worked fine. I had to use a different GitHub username (as my @nasuoa account is already upgraded to a Repl Hacker account). So I cloned from another username (which doesn’t have a Repl Hacker attached to it), and I was able to clone the GitHub Classroom repo, click on the “Work in Repl” button, edit the code (from and make a couple of commits+pushes (again from

Seemed to work fine for me as expected!

Am I missing something?

Here’s a video of me, without a hacker account, trying to open my private assignment repo in replit. It’s impossible. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help.

Hmmm… Not 100% sure, but something doesn’t seem right.

Not sure if these instructions help, but I created them for my students last year:

Maybe start from scratch and give it another go. Delete the “student repo” and re-accept the assignment link. Sometimes when something goes wrong with the setup, I delete the student’s repo (directly from the Organisation), and then ask them to re-accept the link.

As a side note, have you already upgraded your GitHub Organisation (for the course)? Not sure if that’s the problem, but just thought to check:

Yes, my org is already upgraded. I should probably ask a github education rep.

Yep, good luck!