Assignment repository setup hanging

I’m having several students report that when they try to set up an assignment repository, it just hangs, with no change in the progress bar. This is a new problem - it worked for them previously.

Are you doing it the “new” way, with template repositories, or the “old” way? I’ve been doing the “new” way this semester and I don’t think I’ve had a single cloning failure.

I haven’t used templates, since almost all of the repositories only contain a readme with the specifications. No other files or directory structure.

I’ve had a few students report this problem too. If I search the organization for the students’ repos, there isn’t one listed. When the assignment link is reloaded it appears to still be stuck on the repo creation page.

More info: The repos are based on a template repo. Many students have created repos successfully, but at least two are stuck at the “Your assignment repository is being setup.” with no apparent way to progress. There’s no repo associated with their account. Reloading the page or going to the assignment creation link again drops them as the same page.

For what it’s worth, I had one report that it was hanging in Edge but proceeded normally in Chrome. I’m waiting for updates & more info from other students to confirm or refute this as a possible cause.

UPDATE: I’ve seen a second example of Edge being stuck but Chrome working.

Hi, it looks like there was a bug in Edge (as you noticed) and it should be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble!

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My student is using Firefox and we are using template repositories with pretty much just a file in them. He was able to accept assignments previously but has not for the past week. I will have him try Chrome.

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