Assignment commit counts incorrect

Using GH classroom for an individual assignment and looking at the assignment page showing the list of students, all the commit counts are wrong. Some say 0 commits even though many commits have been made by that student (yes, credentials are set up correctly and commits are on master branch). Others say 10 commits when only 6 have been made and so forth. It’s similar to this issue, which was closed a couple of years ago

I was quite worried that so many of my students had made 0 commits! Now I see that the counts are not working properly at all.

I’m seeing this same problem.

I noticed that yesterday when I was checking the students’ submissions in my Classroom.

I just checked, and for my current assignment, all of my students are reporting 0 commits (and some of them even have passing builds in spite of having “0” commits :wink: )

What is going on? 0 commits showing AND no autograding!

I have the same problem, so far I have given two assignments and both of them are showing 0 commits.
When I open individual repo, commits are displayed properly.
I tried checking with the students, their Github email corresponds to the local repo email settings and still nothing.

Shouldn’t it at least count my initial commit? Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve described this issue (and others) here and I think it bears repeating that we should not trust the assignment overview page’s info when assigning scores to student work. I hope GH fixes the problem(s) soon, but it would need more than just a fix to regain our confidence in the tooling. For example, displaying timestamps of each student’s latest commit AND a timestamp of when the overview info was last refreshed. A button to manually refresh the data might help, too.

Until then I suggest clicking through to inspect each repo, or running the tests locally.

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