Assigning and Submitting with GitHub Classroom

I received this question via support and wanted to share more widely:

1- If I input students in my course using the roster tool, do I still need to share individual assignment links with them for each assignment?

Yes–you can post these to your syllabus or your LMS. GitHub Classroom does not email students.

2- Do I have to share the link to each assignment or are the students added to my classroom and can see subsequent assignments after I provide them with the first link?

You’ll need to share each Assignment link, but this is a great feature idea–mind opening an issue?

3- What instructions should I give students to be able to submit solutions using classroom

If it’s solo work, you can have them commit directly to their master branch, and then you can click into each individual commit to give feedback in-line. From there, students can post the link to their repository to your LMS.

You may also want to see the workflow suggested here: How to grade assignments on GitHub

@mozzadrella, thanks for this and the link. As I prepare for my first Github Classroom-based assignment, I’m realizing that I probably misunderstood the submission model. I had imagined that GHC creates forks and that students would submit assignments as PRs. But, having created a test repo with my own personal account, I see that the test repo is not connected to the parent (“proto”) repo. So I can’t see how my students are supposed to submit the assignment. Do they just wait for the deadline?

reframed this as a new post on submission workflow that draws from a bunch of forum posts – seemed more appropriate as its own thread.

I shared the assignment link with my students and they get a ‘failed authorization’ error. What might be the cause of it? How do I fix it?

Despite the error, after a while all students had their repos created by GitHub classroom in their account. Since last week, when I share an assignment link, everybody’s repo is created instantly.