Asking for payment on a spring organization

Hi github,

I am getting an error message that my payment is failing for an classroom organization from spring term. I used this org March - June without payment requests and haven’t changed anything. who do i contact to fix?


:wave: Hi @phannan,

Sorry for the confusion. Occasionally you will be required to reverify your academic employment for GitHub Education benefits.

You are welcome to reverify at:

Once verified you can reverify your organizations. Simply visit your GitHub Education Teacher Toolbox. You’ll find the upgrade offer listed under GitHub as “Self-serve free Team plans to academic organizations you own.”

Or, directly access the offer at

Organizations you own will be listed. Click the corresponding button next to the organization name to immediately upgrade it for free to GitHub Team.

I just verified.

Hi, @phannan! You were last verified as a faculty on Jul 29, 2020

Hi, @ericdrosado,

I am planning to host some technical quiz and tests in my class,
I want some support from Github.
Can you please tell me how Github can support us?


both this ticket and my support ticket are silent. Why should I need to validate when I just did so in July?

@ ericdrosado
Help! school starts Today and I continue to get this error. I verified Late July.

I got a response to my support ticket. You also have to revalidate the orgs. Hopefully this helps the next instructor with similar problems. The link to do orgs is here: search for “Self-serve free Team plans to academic organizations you own.”