Archiving Suggestions

I absolutely love that when you do not give admin permissions to students that they cannot delete the repo, even after the course is completed. I plan on using this as a part of certification to be included in their long-term certification package as proof of the work they completed during the course. Having this information available to refer to later, perhaps even after the course requirements and content have changed, is ideal for looking at their qualifications later when they are revisited.

I have also noticed that you get a “repository deleted” in the classroom even when the instructor deletes the repo.

So I have two questions:

  • Are there any plans to archive student repos as “assignments” are completed?
  • Is there some way to completely remove a student and invited repo from a class room (without the “repo deleted” notification")?

For the moment I plan on simply allowing the dozens, or hundreds of repos to remain. The ability to see all assignments a student has completed simply by including their GitHub username in the search bar is a big plus.

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