Application rejected

Hello, I am Pranshul Goyal. I am currently in my 3rd year in Computer science and engineering at Manipal institute of technology. I got the email that my application was rejected. I was really looking forward to this program and wanted to know why my application was rejected or what it takes to get into this program.

Hi, Theres not really much you can do than try again next time but you did apply and thats everything you can do really, everything else is up to GitHub. But good luck when you can apply next!

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Hi, Sorry to bother you, but my application for Github student education discount has been rejected more than 20 times in seconds. I think the uploaded materials can already verify the student’s identity, and the help package can make me better use the resources on Github, could you please review it manually, thank you very much. Looking forward to your reply.

Hi @Pranshul2002 ,
Sorry to hear that your application has been rejected. but please try again in August.
Could you please tell me when did you receive the email about your application status ? because I still didn’t receive any email about my application status.

I recieved that I was not accepted in the program. Nothing about why my application was rejected. I don’t have that email with me now.

I am a first year Computer Science student and my application for GitHub Campus Experts was rejected too. But they specified the reasons
Some major points are

  1. They wanted to know more about the campus community that I am part of.
  2. I should have given a detailed description on the benefits of Campus Expert Program for me and most importantly for my Community
  3. They do give preference to one’s with experience in leading events or community (I should have mentioned it🤧, but I didn’t).

But no worries I am gonna fix all these and do better with my next application :upside_down_face:.
You should do the same