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Hello everyone, thanks in advance for whoever spends time to answer my question.
I wonder if github will be more strict by setting up more criteria for selection process. As the page is under maintenance for so long time, what are the possible tough areas for the one who is applying? How is the new application form going to affect acceptance rate?

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Hi there, the program applications will return in 2021 from what I heard and some of the application process and criteria might change, but this is to improve the program and overall experience. I can’t comment on what that criteria or process will look like but I am sure the team will do everything they can to make it even better, but it is a very competitive program as it is already. :+1:

It’s been under maintenance to allow the GitHub education team to focus on the program revamp and improvements properly, without having to dedicate resources to still reviewing applications and training. You do say so long, but it’s only been a few months and these programs are very big so it will take some time to redesign.

I don’t think the form influences the acceptance rate because if your community, university involvement and personal skills are excellent, you would get accepted regardless of what the process for applying looks like :slightly_smiling_face: so I wouldn’t worry about that.


I do agree and respect the time taken to upgrade overall quality of the program (expecting more because existing quality is phenomenal ). Looking forward to upskill and expand my network.

Thank you🙂

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Okay this is I don’t think so is accurate
Making things more hard I don’t understand the point here
And the acceptance is already so hard that if I tell you there is only one GitHub campus expert in whole State Rajasthan
Just One
So I don’t think so we should put up a question on GitHub campus expert advisors

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Hi Sneha :wave:
This is a great question. The program is going through major changes in its process. One of those processes is the application to the program. We are looking forward to building a new application system that will allow us to better understand the student profiles, context, and needs.

We are also improving our training and review process to make it more comprehensible, adapt it to new challenges students face while building a community and reduce the training review queue time.

We will talk about the changes and new application dates at GitHub Univers(ity) on December 10th. Here you’ll get all the details!


Yes, acceptance is already so hard and that is the reason why I asked whether they will set more boundaries. To my knowledge there can be only 1 campus expert in each campus. So I want my university to be the part of it.
Thank you.

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Thank you for the link, I will follow up. I am waiting for the new application proces. I will try my level best to become campus expert🙂

Which university or college are you from ?

Vellore Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh.

Good :blush:
Good Institute

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Greetings @juanpflores ,
Actually, when I got to know about this program, the applications were already in maintenance.
But our college freshmen had a lot of doubts.
So I decided not to wait for the program to come out of maintenance, so I directly started hosting sessions for students on leveraging Git and GitHub with support from teachers and other colleagues.

Is it fine if I have already conducted a few workshops on leveraging Git and GitHub Skills and also writing posts and articles on how to use GitHub Student Pack effectively?

One of such posts is here

Will this affect my application, when I apply back in 2021?

@imabp I don’t think there is any issue with you hosting sessions, since anyone can teach studenta about git and GitHub :slightly_smiling_face: It shouldn’t have any impact on your application I believe.

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Hello everyone. I have been wondering for when will the applications be open for GitHub campus expert program. I have been planning to apply for the same and as the applications open in Feb and August, I am not able to access any application form through the official website. Can anyone please confirm if it is happening with me only or the application has not opened yet? Apologies if already answered.

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