Anyone can tell me something that i need?

(Hlgf1114) #1

hello, im a newbie on Github.

before talking about my concern, i’m Korean, so i can’t do english very much.

anyway i am here because i don’t know what to do for my skills for game development.

im really impressed by many package game, and if i can, i want to make some games with others.

but nobody tell me what to do. this brings me here.

im only a univ student, but the univ don’t have any info for my needs.

i learned some c++ and personally learning python.

i also interested of A.I


(Naufaldi) #2

so what do you want to do? if you are new in game dev. try to make new game. try with unity. in my university, we are ready develop some game, this what we made in myrepo . try to make some basic game like tic tac, chess or other game using unity