Am looking for people who can contribute to my project written in Golang

So basically am learning the Golang currently and was interested in making a cli with it. The cli would be for music-related tasks like playing a random song from the device by indexing every music file that is present on the hard drive and hosting a specific server to stream those same songs.

Having a hard time on

  • Indexing the whole hard drive ( usually NTFS ) and retrieve all music files
  • Serving the music through a specific port

I would love it if someone could help :wink: … If you are interested, go to here and start contributing.

Hi @brookmg
Nice to see you are a maintainer. I would suggest you open issues where you’d be needing help , and add an appropriate tags to it so that other maintainers can take a look and contribute.



Thanks, that’s actually a nice idea. I will do just that

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You are welcome @brookmg