Always got reject

dear staff, iam student of school of vocation Institut Pertanian Bogor, i already have email with and already send picture of my campuss portal but still got reject

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Try to send your school fee receipt as the picture proof.

Same here, I even provided the mail to my administrator, we don’t get any school emails. But my ID, student number, student platform, mail to school administrator. I’m accepted at sheer ID, but It wasn’t enough. I know it sound a lot like I’m complaining witch I may do. But I don’t mean to be mean. I just feel like some of us who are legible students just cant get access because of some poor rules that just must be fulfilled even if you send 10 papers of proof. Could you provide for us exactly what is needed If we just cant get access for example we don’t got a school email, that’s the one I always break on. I have asked for one, but they say they don’t give school emails, my school email is my normal email that I log in with. But when you going to provide email it says my school have student mails, but those are in just 3 states who you can get one. If you study on distance on not in that state you won’t and can’t get one. But a mail to an administrator with all the other proof and accepted at sheer which I thought was a big deal.

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