All student repositories in an assignment show "Not submitted"

I have used created several assignments this semester in the same classroom, all with the same configuration:

  • Group assignments.
  • Deadline set
  • Starter code via template repository

I’m currently going through the submissions of one of the exercises (deadline has already passed), and I noticed that all the repositories show “Not submitted”, even though they all have multiple commits.

While this is probably just a cosmetic issue since I can still download everything, I wanted to post it so you guys can look into it. I can also submit a bug report, although I’m having a hard time reproducing it since the other assignments show “submitted”, and as I said, they are not fundamentally different.



I’m curious too. I thought this might be due to students creating pull requests, but I saw some repos with pull requests marked ‘not submitted.’

My repos don’t have pull requests, except the “Feedback” PR that is created upon repo creation. I actually believe it’s just a bug connected to counting commits. Maybe @d12 has some insights…

I’ve also noticed this on all my newly created individual assignments with deadlines! It doesn’t show on assignments without deadlines but it is not clear how I or the students could mark them as submitted.

I’m having the same problem. At first I tought I did something different on my first assignments, but now I see that is a Github Classroom problem, that exist for at least a month now.

Sorry, I’m new to GitHub Classroom environment.
I didn’t see any option like Submitted or Not Submitted.
Where can i find that. Any documentation related to that.

Anyone hear back on this? I’m seeing this on my assignment that was due Friday night. All assignments are showing “Not submitted” beside every student name.

I used GC last spring and it worked fine. The students checked stuff in, and on the due date it was considered submitted. Any idea what would cause this?

Any solutions?

I have 2 classrooms in Sep 2020. Both has assignments without test with deadline.
After deadline in first classroom Students’ repos with commits marked as Submitted.
But in second all assigments are marked as “Not submitted” no matter if there are many commits or merged Feedback PR.

I can’t understand how “submitted” status is detected…


We are currently looking into this issue on Engineering side of things. We aren’t sure what is going on, but it seems like we have an issue with the job that kicks off to update this status.

In the meantime, if you’d like us to manually kick off the job for any of your assignments please let me know by responding with the assignment name. If you don’t feel comfortable posting the names here you can just file a ticket and I can respond there! I realize some of these are quite old now, apologies.



Thanks @ohitsmekatie for getting back at this. My old assignments don’t matter anymore but it be great if this gets fixed for the ones in the upcoming semester.

Again, thanks and best regards

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@ohitsmekatie was this sorted? I am seeing a similar issue with a test repository I set up - I have committed to it and the deadline has passed but it still says “not submitted”. I have only committed once (as it was a test) - is that a problem?



Hi @jshipton!

We have 2 PRs in flight that we think might solve this issue, but we are actively working on it still. Hoping to get something pushed out for y’all soon and before the end of the semester.


I have six classrooms with this problem, right now, have you fixed that? Can I do anything?

Solved. Reprogramming the deadline of the assignment, it works !!

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Hi, this just happened to me today. has every student marked as “not submitted” although they’ve submitted.

A second issue is that in the Classroom shows “0 commits” but there are actually 8 commits when you go to the repo.

What do you mean by “reprogramming the deadline of the assignment”? Did you just go in and edit the assignment and reset the deadline?

Yes, I changed the deadline, saved the changes and it worked.

Yes, I made the same, for example, you can program the deadline t 18/2/2021 at 17:00.
Once created the assigment, you just change or edit the assigment (could be 17:01) and save changes, when the time comes out, the assigment will be SUBMITED

Sorry my poor English
Best regards from Perú

I have the same problem, I hope Github solve this issue …

Ugh, why is this a workaround that we have to do for a problem that was submitted almost a year ago. The community pages for GHC are sort of depressing - very few posts at all and even less responses to problems, it seems. I love GHC but it really doesn’t seem like a complex enough product to have issues like this linger for months. I get the impression it isn’t a priority for GitHub. :frowning:


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