All student repositories in an assignment show "Not submitted"

I have used created several assignments this semester in the same classroom, all with the same configuration:

  • Group assignments.
  • Deadline set
  • Starter code via template repository

I’m currently going through the submissions of one of the exercises (deadline has already passed), and I noticed that all the repositories show “Not submitted”, even though they all have multiple commits.

While this is probably just a cosmetic issue since I can still download everything, I wanted to post it so you guys can look into it. I can also submit a bug report, although I’m having a hard time reproducing it since the other assignments show “submitted”, and as I said, they are not fundamentally different.



I’m curious too. I thought this might be due to students creating pull requests, but I saw some repos with pull requests marked ‘not submitted.’

My repos don’t have pull requests, except the “Feedback” PR that is created upon repo creation. I actually believe it’s just a bug connected to counting commits. Maybe @d12 has some insights…

I’ve also noticed this on all my newly created individual assignments with deadlines! It doesn’t show on assignments without deadlines but it is not clear how I or the students could mark them as submitted.

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