All student repos show 1 commit

Latest GitHub Classroom issue i’m experience is this:

In the current assignment page in my new classroom, all students’ assignment repos show 1 commit. When I view the repos I find that many of them have more than one commit, but it’s not showing up in the assignment page.

I’m a big GitHub Classroom fan, but I get the same feeling that @rahji does, it feels a bit like this program has been deprioritised by the organisation. Which is a real shame for educators, it’s close to being a one-stop shop for coding assignments and is super-useful as is (the autograding was a great, albeit incompleted, addition).

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:wave: Hi @john-french ,

Sorry you are having trouble with GitHub Classroom. You are welcome to contact our Support team for assistance at GitHub Education - GitHub Support. They work closely with our GitHub Classroom team.

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@john-french At least you see 1 commit, I often see 0 commits on student repositories and find they also have made several commits.

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Hi everyone! :wave:

Sorry you all experienced issues with the commit number. I recently made some updates to this and should be resolved now. The updated commit number should show once there is a new commit (on the default branch) made on the repository from now on :slightly_smiling_face:

If your assignment is using starter code, we also subtract the initial push Classroom does in the repository. So the number of commits won’t match what is displayed when you visit the repository page on GitHub.

If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to us at support.

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Thanks for the quick responses @stephaniegiang and @ericdrosado. I’m still seeing this issue for an existing assignment (haven’t created any new ones since the fix, so possibly works for newly created assignments?). I’ll get in touch with support about it anyway.

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