Age of Students

Hi folks,

I am just wondering at what age/stage of learning do you recommend introducing GitHub and Git?

I am relatively new to using github and I have only used it for my AP CS Principles students who are grade 11 or 12 in high school.

I am thinking about starting to incorporate it into my Intro to CS and Java programming classes. These are generally younger students. I would use Visual Studio’s plug in for Intro and Eclipse with Git for the java students.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Our student body is in grades 5 through 12 and we use GitHub for all levels of our curriculum (Java programming). We use GitHub classroom to package assignments, so the students only have to accept an assignment to get “Starter Code” for each learning module.

Historically, we have used GitHub Desktop to assist the students in cloning and pushing code to their repos. More recently, we have used Egit from Eclipse as some of our platforms run Ubuntu and more of our students are using this across all platforms as they are not comfortable with the UI of latest version of Desktop.

Command line git is quite a bit more challenging, so we introduce that when our students have built appropriate levels of experience.