Adding a new classroom organization or a new teacher

This is a really simple question. I need to do two things:

  • Set up my organization for fall term. I need to have it approved as an instructor account with free private repositories.
  • Write up some instructions to get my fellow professors started on github as professors.

For summer term I figured out how to make myself a professor. I didn’t write down the path or link or the place where I found the instructions. I’ve been hunting for 20 minutes and haven’t stumbled upon it. When I submit a new request even as a teacher I get back a generic student request. My memory is that last time I submitted my university id and a description of the class. It didn’t ask me for this last time.

I know it’s doable and I know it’s easy if I you know where to go.

Help. Please send link to instructions or where to submit.

Paula Hannan

Yay… I figured it out! (I needed to choose organization in my request)