for teaching?

Hi, I’m looking at for use in class but wondering if it still being in beta means that’s not a great idea? Thanks! Hamish

Oops wrong forum!

I used with my Master students last year. Nice and reliable mqtt server

Thanks Marino! I was wondering how the beta access thing worked with lots of users, but it is now more automatic than it used to be :slight_smile: Cheers, Hamish

As a student, Adafruit IO is great. The documentation is well written and the libraries are easy to use.
It’s a excellent way to visualize data.

The only issue that I’ve had is that dashboards sometimes don’t show the most up to date info, so a refresh of the web page is needed. This only seems to happen when the page is left open for a couple of hours or the computer or phone falls asleep.

At the moment, I’m working on a project called RepeaterPi that monitors the the voltage of power supplies and the temperature of the surroundings of two ham radio repeaters located in Georgetown and Taylor, TX

The dashboard is here