Access to Student Developer Pack for teachers

Hello, im facing that i have an organization approved, and when the course will began in the next few days my students could apply for an student developer pack with all benefits.

The thing is that im not having as a teacher this benefits: in concrete git kraken pro and private repositories. I think its strange that my students would have benefits that i dont have… So i think teachers have to have the same benefits or more :wink: as their students.

Thanks in advance

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@ejgutierrez74 you should be able to request Github to upgrade/update your account to a teacher account, this would enable private repositories on your own account.

You can find more information regarding the Github services for education via this link

As for GitKraken, I’d contact their support team for an educational Pro license, there’s a chance they’ll extend this to you. I’ve not done so myself because I don’t need the Pro features GitKraken offers but I did contact Travis CI (also part of the student pack) and they’ve been very helpful in granting the same educational license to our teachers.

Hope this helps!

@ConsoleFriend As i have read i can only get private repos through the organization in github Classroom, but not in Github itself ( in my account). So i also notice in my opinion its a nonsense that a student could have some benefits and the teacher dont.

I have already requested de Swag Bag for teachers and its been approved

Also would be nice where can i find the repos from github courses from @githubschool prepared for teachers( training kit and courses repos)…i have also joined the Education

Thanks in advance

Hi @ejgutierrez74 you should be able to request the (free) Developer update for your account via the same channels you requested the Swag Bag. At least that’s the way my colleagues and myself have done this.

As for the benefits, there’s nothing at the moment that students are offered that you cannot get an educational license for yourself. You just have to contact the relevant companies directly.

My personal opinion, it’s easier in one combined package for a student to get. However I don’t see why Github should ensure both students and teachers should have the exact same benefits. I’m perfectly ok with the way it is, as I’m still supported the same level the students are, and I don’t mind needing to click a few more times on partner websites to accomplish this.

I’m not sure if the repos you mention are these ->
Around 264 repositories are available there.

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