Access denied to GitHub campus expert form

On 13 or 14th i got shortlisted for the GitHub campus program, and i got a link which led me to the status page(where I had to upload the video)

But now when Im opening it’s, it’s either showing access denied, or subscribe for the next application form

What should I do?


Yes. I’m also facing the same problem.

Congrats on the selection! can you please review my application? because I got rejected and thinking to apply again

@juanpflores, @dangerrg please give her advice what she needs to do now solve that issue

Thankyou so much for replying, but the issue was resolved on the same day :blush:


Hi @ishikkkkaaaa! I’m glad that your issue was resolved. Could you please, explain what was causing it and how it was solved?

It might be helpful for others as well.

Thanks in advance,

And a good day for everybody.


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