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I most recently went through the academic verification process Jun 27, 2020 and received a notification today (July 18) that I should go through it again. I’m happy to do this but I’m wondering how regularly I should expect to do this. If I go to I see a " Enjoy the benefits of being faculty", which makes me think I’m actually approved, but that doesn’t explain the notifications I received. Thanks in advance for any clarification someone can offer!

Hi @mine-cetinkaya-rundel

You must have come across a kind of glitch in the system as the academic verification is requested on annual or biannual pace.

Thanks @pattacini, I thought so too, but I know of at least one other person who ran into this, so I was wondering if others have as well.

i just experienced this exact same thing. i reverified myself (before any prompts) in june and just had a slew of notifications about referifying.

I got the same thing (~20 emails on July 18, one for each organization). I reverified my account again that same day, which was approved, but now I’m getting alert banners about “Problems billing” my organizations. I’ve sent an email to GitHub support about this, but if there is an Admin (@github-staff) who can let us know what’s going on and help with this problem, that would be really appreciated.


I have the banner as well – which makes it difficult to do live demos for educators where I say “you can do this all for free” :slight_smile:

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Got the same experience today. Anyway, re-verifying my account was fast and once done the banner went simply away.

Thanks @pattacini for letting me know! Since it worked for you, I went digging around to see if maybe I missed a step after verification. I got myself back to , where a bunch of my organizations now have a “Reverify” button. Clicking on that makes the banner go away. @mine-cetinkaya-rundel maybe this will work for you as well?

Thanks @joelwross! I hadn’t seen those buttons, I just requested to reverify them as well.

So I reverified my orgs last night, they got approved, and this morning I woke up to a batch of emails asking to reverify again :frowning:

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Same here! Anyone know of an admin we can tag about this issue?

@mozzadrella Do you have any suggestions on this?

I must have been lucky then as I didn’t receive anything else but the first bunch of requests :thinking:
I’ve checked my orgs and they all seem just fine.

In the first place, I also contacted GitHub support to confirm that I was re-veryfing the account and that the billing problem should have got over itself.

They replied that everything was ok indeed :+1:t2:

:wave: Hi folks!

Sorry for the confusion. We have identified the problem, and we have recently deployed a fix.

Once you are re-approved for faculty benefits, you can reverify your organizations at:

We apologize for the inconvenience.


@ericdrosado. I am having the same problem and have tried your fix which does not seem to fix the banner. I have sent several emails to GitHub all to no avail with fixing the banner and the billing.

@alanarnholt I would recommend contacting education support so they can look into the specifics of your account:

Please make sure that you have the GitHub faculty benefit applied to your account. You can check at:

If your benefit has been recently approved and you are unable to remedy this issue, please contact us using the form mentioned above.

Hi @ericdrosado

Just wondering about how long it would take for reverification. I sent in my application about a week ago and so far have not heard back. Should I submit it again?

Hi @catherine-leung

We apologize for the wait. We are experiencing longer wait times than usual. Unfortunately, we do not have an average wait time to share. Our verification team will contact you once your application has been reviewed.

Thanks! I finally got reverified about about 10 days ago! ( Thanks! and yay!) but I think I’m encountering a bug when it comes to trying to reverify my individual organizations. on the page where I do the reverification, the button never changes, banners on pretty much all my accounts and orgs also stays… but on the page that lists teacher benefits (and many many emails), it says its done… I’ve sent in a ticket for github support already so hoping to hear back soon about it. Thanks for the info in any case though :slight_smile:

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I’ve been waiting three weeks for revivification. I’m getting emails from GitHub saying my “coupon” will expire in 14 days. I’ve been using GitHub for education for six years, classes will be starting in a couple of weeks. My requests have always been approved in a matter of days if not hours before. Should I be looking for alternatives to GitHub?

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