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Hi dears i I am Reza and I am 36 years old. And I’m glad you let me in. I love music and I play elementary. I like sports. games(xbox and …), and programming(from 3 days ago). I’m so late that I have to answer publicly (sorry) to give everyone a really big explanation, it 's not enough, and I know that if it were any other community, I would have lost my first hour. I have not had any academic education for the last few years and that is why I have forgotten everything from English to … but if I accept, I will do my best. Of course, I have not slept for a few days in the last 6 days, 4 to 5 hours, so I just made a I Did very mistake. I am very happy that there may be an opportunity for myself and maybe I can make the problems of this part of the world a little easier for young people because I can not find a better motivation.

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