About Campus Expert Application

Previously I have applied to become GitHub Campus Expert, but my university didn’t have the GitHub Campus Program. Now my university is joining GitHub with the Campus Program but I can not apply. As far as I know, the process is almost done and we are about to get the GitHub Campus Program for our university.

When I go to the page, it says to wait till August. Is there any way of lifting this wait period so I can apply now?

Please be informed that, I did pushed my university to join the program.

:wave:t2: Hey @IamLizu! Good to see your passion for communities! Even though both the programs that you mentioned are by GitHub Education, you can apply to become a GitHub Campus Expert regardless of whether your university is associated with GitHub Campus Program or not.

You can apply to become a GitHub Campus Expert only once per semester, and you can learn more about the program through this blog that I recently published - https://dev.to/manbir/github-campus-experts-impacting-the-developer-ecosystem-2hh7

Good luck! :slight_smile: