About 2 projects that I created to teach Github in my course

My name is Alex from Brazil/Rio de Janeiro. I’m Developer and I teach computer science. This semester I teached a discipline called CSCW (computer supported cooperative work) which I use Github to teach collaborative tasks.

I am so happy to announce that we have create 2 colaborative products this semester using Github and Gitbook with about 30 undergraduate students together:
1.The first one is https://cscw-class.github.io/TrabalhoAV1/ whic is a tutorial website where students contributed in code and creating youtube tutorial videos (2 weeks of work);
2. The second is https://alexsalgado.gitbooks.io/introducao-a-programacao-em-c/content/ , are still finishing it this week. It is a ebook about “C programming” where each student created one chapter (2 weeks of work).

They’ve learned github workflow(branches, pull request, commit, push, checkout, etc.) and the most of them had never been heard about Github and became impressed by its collaborative power applied in computer science situations.

I will blog about this process later on. What do you think?


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