A tool to print all the "push" times for your students' commits

(Dan Wallach) #1

I had a curious issue where a student had apparently attempted to change the time on their computer, perhaps thinking they could fool GitHub. Yeah, really.

Conveniently, GitHub has an events API that lets you query the push time for every commit. GitHub’s documentation claims this data will survive for 90 days after the events in question. So I threw together a tool to query it for any given student repo. Some of you may find this helpful.

(Osioke Itseuwa) #2

Love this!

(Clara) #3

I am not surprised at all to hear about a student doing this. I’ve had students modify dates on (e.g.) Word documents on several occasions. ‘My computer broke but I really did do the work before the deadline, look at the modified date…’

I did not know about the events API, good to know, and thanks for sharing!