A tool to clone a lot of student repos at once

I wanted to clone all of my student repos for a given course project so I’d have them all locally. I built a simple Python script and it seems to do the job.



Look’s great!

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Great. I’ll try this out soon!
Using the web interface to check student submissions seems slow, especially when you have many students.
I assume after you made local copies you then give feedback by changing the student repos on your machine. What works best with your system? @danwallach

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Our campus uses Canvas, so I set up a rubric there and my graders give feedback through Canvas. My graders mostly just look at the Travis-CI output linked from GitHub. I need local copies for things like running MOSS to detect plagiarism.


Thank you for this explanation. What is Canvas? Is it this? https://canvanizer.com/
I don’t see how we can use the systems from our university for feedback on my PHP assignments, so I am currently looking for a better way…

Canvas is a commercial product from Instructure (https://www.instructure.com/). Our university has a site-license for it.

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Thank you for the link.