A question regarding reapplying for the github student developer pack

I am nearing the end of high school and I was wondering if i were to apply for the pack now, would I be able to reapply once i join college (in the uk it goes: HS, college, university) and take advantage of all of the benefits again or would some of them not refresh?

Heya, so you can reapply for renewal of the pack as long as you are a student. However, some of the offers won’t be renewed, eg if you have a one year free domain hosting, once you used it it’s done. There are others, like for example the IntelliJ licence that you can renew as many times as you want as long as you are still a student.

I guess if you sign up with a different email, eg your university one then you might be able to use those again, but it isn’t guaranteed. This is from my won experience getting the offers. Hope this helps :blush:


I will have a different school email when i start college so i think it should be fine, I guess I’ll start the application for the pack and then just keep renewing

Thanks for the help! :smiley:

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Alexandera it’s been long I’m busy with my work and intership
I just want to ask that My College Juniors ask me always about the difficulty they face while applying for GSP there is so much long time to wait.

Is there a way that we can register the Whole College/University in Github Education

So that the college administration can manage it.

Hi mate,
There are a couple of alternatives that will help us review the request for the GitHub Student Developer Pack that we get from students that belong to your university:

  1. If your school has a domain, send us a support ticket with the email domain from your school and the school name. Any student that applies with the email from the school will get faster reviews of their request.
  2. Have a school admin apply to the GitHub Campus Program so they can manage discount requests.
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