500 Internal server error.

I have a problem when I tried to log in, anyone else?


500 Internal server error. We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

I’m having the same problem however at least one of my colleagues is able to get to the GitHub Classroom Dashboard without the 500 error.

He had 2FA turned off and I had it turned on so we thought it may be related to authentication. Turned it off and it still didn’t work. I do get the Classroom landing page if I am unauthenticated however the moment I log in to education.github.com I get a 500 error with classroom.github.com.

Have you resolved the problem? Any ideas what is causing it?

If I clear the cache and cookies, I can get the 500 error to go away. Logging in again causes the 500 error to happen again.

I submitted a support request (Ticket ID: 1515020).

GitHub Engineering did something that fixed the problem. They did not specify what. I’m now able to login to Classroom. I hope you are able to log into Classroom as well.

Dear Michel,

I am still having the same issue when I tried to login

500 Internal server error
We’re sorry, but something went wrong.
Try going back to classroom dashboard

Contact GitHub support at https://support.github.com/contact/education. It’s something to do with your account.