500 Error if Repo Isn't Public - Even if in Same Org

I just set up a new classroom using one an organization I control. In that organization I have a private template repo I want to use as starter code. Every time I try to create a new assignment using that repo it fails after the second step (where you choose the starter repo) when I click “Continue”. The repo pops up in the autocomplete box for choosing a repo - but always fails with a 500 error when I click that Continue.

I tried making the starter repo public and I could create an Assignment with it. But as soon as it is private I get the 500 error. I looked back on a few of my old organizations from past semesters and GitHub Classroom always had requested permissions (I see it in 3rd party access applications from last semester).

What am I doing wrong? Thanks,


I am also facing same issue. Earlier it was working, now it’s not working.

We have been having a similar issue this month and last. Some students get a correct import while others do not.

I am able to target the repo and import it manually or push from another copy into the student repo as a workaround.

I’m having the same issue as well. I have a private assignment template in same organization as my class. When I try to use this private template, it is not being found. If I change the template to public, then I can find the template and use it for the assignment.



Same issue here :frowning:

Looks like this may be my issue as well, thanks for the “PUBLIC” fix as a temporary solution.

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry you experienced this bug. It was a recent bug that was introduced into Classroom that affected any new organizations created. A fix was just released for this so you can continue using private template repos.

If you still are having issues, please reach out to us at https://support.github.com/contact

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What about private repos that are not templates?