3.1 The GitHub Flow Video - Looking for ... Menu

(Cynthia Teeters) #1

So, I’m following along the GitHub Flow video and can’t find in GitHub what @mozzadrella is showing at 5:40 minutes into the video. The slide says:

“From the code view, click the three dots on the line and open an issue with your canned reply.”

Start at 5:40

A similar statement about the … Menu is made here: GitHub help

I have looked and looked in a pull request for the … menu on the left side of a file but cannot seem to find it.

(Alexander L. Hayes) #2

Open the file on GitHub and click the line number; then the three dots appear.

Here’s a short animation to make this more clear :arrow_down:

(Cynthia Teeters) #3

Thank you @batflyer. Your animated gif is a great teaching tool.

BTW - As our TA Chris (@ccannon94) pointed out to me, you need a file that GH puts line numbers on. Not all files are treated this way. For example, markdown files like README.md do not have line numbers. No line numbers, no … menu.

(Alexander L. Hayes) #4

Interesting catch, I don’t think that ever occurred to me.

I found another one: the lines can be commented on if they are in the diff view for a specific commit :sweat_smile: (but no opening issues).